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Come and stay in Prague

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Prague has many place you could use as a temporary home when going to Prague for a vacation, short trip or even a business trip. Various hotels, pensions or praga appartamenti can welcome you warmly. All of these are available in different price ranges for everyone to choose. You can pick appartamento a praga in its very centre with all the sites within your reach or decide upon a more quiet place in a suburb where less social life will give you more privacy and silence that you seek. [...] Continue Reading…

Booking accommodation in Prague

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When travelling abroad, it is always a linguistic problem to book accommodation, know your way around in shops and markets, not to mention public transportation. If you want to visit Prague, it is likely that staff in the hotel, appartamento praga or whatever place you picked to stay in will know your language or at least English. However they may not or you may not speak English to the required extent. Then you can try booking appartamento a praga over our website which is available in several European languages [...] Continue Reading…

Foreigners welcome in Prague

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Many different nationalities can be spotted walking the streets of Prague. Some of them are tourists, some of them are international students. When staying in Prague just temporarily, you usually search for a hotel or other similar place of accommodation. Why not try appartamento a praga? An apartment is always a good place to stay. It has all the necessities you are used to having at home for a reasonable price. Praga appartamenti can be booked either in person, over the phone of course but also over the internet. [...] Continue Reading…

Standards for your company

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Whether you run an international corporation or small firm, quality is always important – to your customers or contractors. On a certain level there are various standards to ensure the high quality and level of commitment. The first standards applied in the company should be ISO 9001. Depending on the size and involvement of your company you may find use for European Standards if your firm trades with other European markets. Similarly Germany has its own DIN Standards which however became somewhat widely recognized among other European states so [...] Continue Reading…